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National Consumer Protection Week March 3-9 2024

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Watch out for online offers for counterfeit stamps:

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February is Black History Month — a great time to help raise awareness in Black communities, and among your family and friends, by staying on top of the latest scams that might affect them. We know that talking about a scam helps you avoid it — and it helps people you care about avoid them, too. Connect with the FTC and share what you learn with others. 

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Sign up for the FTC’s free alerts at to get what you really need to know: the signs of a scam and how to avoid it. Don’t forget to tell a friend.

  • Post an FTC video on your social media to spread the word on ways to spot and avoid scams.

  • Get free and easy-to-share resources. Teaching young adults about things like budgeting, saving, and protecting their credit? has just the basics.  

  • Order free print resources from and pass them out at events, clinics, community centers, and schools. Take Pass It On handouts and bookmarks with you to visit the older adults in your life. Tell them to share what they learn.

  • Report scams and bad business practices to the FTC at Your report makes an important difference in your community. You’ll also help the FTC investigate, bring law enforcement cases, and alert people about what frauds to be on the lookout for so everyone can protect themselves, their friends, and family.

The first-person story of one woman’s experience with a debt relief scam
– and the lawyer who helped her.
Social Security Administration 
Scam Awareness
According to BBB® research, online scams have increased 87% since 2015. Learn how you can protect yourself from online scams with these helpful tips. Visit to find out more about online scams. You can always find trustworthy businesses at Remember to look for the BBB Seal – it’s The Sign of a Better Business.

National Consumer Protection Week 2024

Dan Mullin Insurance Celebrates National Consumer Protection Week

Looking to protect yourself from fraud, identity theft, and scams? Wondering about the best way to improve your credit,
shop for a used car, or how to keep your kids safe online?
Dan Mullin Insurance has information for you during
National Consumer Protection Week
(NCPW) — March 3 - 9, 2024 — and any time of the year.
NCPW is a time when government agencies, consumer protection groups, and organizations like Dan Mullin Insurance, work

together to share information about consumer rights and help people
learn to spot, report, and avoid scams.

Here in Washington DC, Dan Mullin Insurance will be posting
consumer protection information on the Dan Mullin Insurance website:
This will be some of the latest information from the Federal Trade Commission, Social Security Administration
as well as the Better Business Bureau.

Posts will also appear on the various
social media sites of Dan Mullin Insurance.
Go to for more information.

Also, visit to learn how to
get free consumer education materials

— including advice in a dozen languages

— and read the latest from consumer protection experts.


FREE  Consumer Resources




Social Security can pay a one-time payment 

of $255 to the surviving spouse if they were 

living with the deceased. Learn more.


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The FTC enforces the Funeral Rule, which makes it possible for you to choose only the goods and services you want or need and pay only for those you select.    Learn more. 

Federal Trade Commission

FTC video explaining what
funeral homes must comply with,
to protect consumers:



veterans administration 

and of of interest to veterans

Find out how to apply for a Veteran burial allowance.    Learn more.

Find out about military funeral honors and the

committal service.   Learn More



Valuable free resources to support veterans in their transition to civilian employment from:

Resume Builder logo(1).png

Resume Builder empowers job seekers with AI and expert insights. Leveraging millions of resumes, vast industry data, and a team of certified professionals, Resume Builder strives to make resume writing and job landing a seamless experience.

The links below cover the challenges veterans face during their job transition, the best industries for them, how to find the right job, and how to prepare for the application process. Additionally, a state-specific database of job resources to further assist veterans in their employment search is provided:



national funeral directors association

What is the median cost of a funeral?                        Learn more. 


Caskets for Sale, 

Buy Funeral Coffins Direct


Save thousdands on your casket purchase!

A better way to buy a casket.


A casket should be as personal and unique as the individual.  With over 1,000 models and the ability to customize, we can help.

Per federal law, all funeral homes accept our deliveries. 





Funeral consumers alliance


a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting a consumer's right to choose a meaningful, dignified, affordable funeral



free will . com

It takes less than 20 minutes to write or update your legal will, for free.    Learn more.



national association of insurance commissioners

Life Insurance Buyer's Guide Learn more.



Life Insurance Buyer's Guide    Learn more.

Search for a policy your family member may have had with the NAIC Life Policy Locator. 

Learn more.


NAIC CONSUMERS  image 9 7 23 (11).jpg




(& fraud protection)

     Your checking account number identifies you as the account owner so that you can receive or pay money to or from your account.

· Every person or company you have ever written a check to sees your routing number and account number.

· The purpose for the insurance company to get the routing number and account number is to set up automatic monthly drafts for the amount specified and authorized by you, the account holder. That is why the account holder must approve this on a recording, if over the phone.

· The insurance company bank and your bank participate in the national Automated Clearing House (ACH) network. Tens of billions of ACH payments are made each year. There are federal laws protecting consumers in this system. Your bank must show what company is the recipient of any ACH draft and its phone number. Laws require banks to refund fraud through ACH transfer. ACH transfers are safer than paper checks.

Protection from scams

Your Very Own Publication!

Connect with your past clients and prospects on a regular basis by sending them a free bimonthly subscription to your very own personally branded magazine!

To learn more and receive a discount, click here,

 This 48-page publication is jam-packed with riveting articles to engage readers. It features seven new articles in every issue, with each editorial presented in an aesthetically pleasing, high quality format.


AMERICAN LIFESTYLE Magazine is sent to clients and/or prospects 6 times a year

CARING dot COM image and description  (11).jpg is a popular resource for families and caregivers looking for help with care decisions for their loved ones. The service is free, and the company is paid through referrals to facilities.



Enabling smarter choices to produce the greatest

advantage, utility, and satisfaction.

Travel Insurance for

Students Traveling Abroad

Written by Higher Education Team,

Updated on April 18, 2023

From: provides readers with carefully researched, timely personal finance information.

Here are some easy-to-understand

articles and guides

to simplify complex financial concepts:

Life Insurance Settlements

Guide to Life Insurance

Annuity Beneficiaries

Retirement Annuity

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A senior's guide to fentanyl

 Fentanyl has unfortunately become a growing concern in our society, and it's crucial that the older generation understands its risks and knows how to discuss it openly with their loved ones.

Mesothelioma Information

Click below to learn more:

Gori Law Firm - Mesothelioma and Seniors

image Mesothelioma (11).jpg

Better Business Bureau

Consumers say BBB Accreditation Seal =

Ethics and Competence

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